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B&H Trout Fishing

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B&H is the best fishing destination in Wisconsin Dells!
Come and catch delicious trout in our 2 spring fed ponds.

We are also a fully stocked bait shop and carry everything you will need for successful fishing, including live bait and tackle, fishing poles and gear,
cold beer, soda, snacks, ice and coolers, cigarettes, archery supplies.

We sell firewood, LP/propane tanks and offer tank exchange.

Try our delicious smoked trout – lightly salted and then hot smoked
over wood coals to perfection!

B&H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop is open year round.
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for our business hours and directions.

Come and Catch a Delicious Trout!

Just bring your family or friends and enjoy the thrill of catching beautiful high quality rainbow, brook and brown trout in spring fed water. B&H is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. You are guaranteed to catch fish! We have 2 ponds filled with trout that is ready to be caught and cooked at our picnic area or back at your place.

What a great fun for all ages!

About Us

We opened in 1950!

According to our customers, B&H is the best place fo fish in Wisconsin Dells! B&H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop is a family owned business and we have been serving both our local community and tourists from all over US for over 70 years, making us one of the oldest attractions in Wisconsin Dells area.

Customer Love!

B&H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop

3640 State Hwy 13
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965